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What is "What Homes Where?"

"What Homes Where?" is also an Excel-based tool that enables you to access easily and quickly the wealth of material in ONS and DCLG statistics and projections. It differs from “What Households Where?” in that it has additional functions.  For example, in looking at one local authority area, it is possible to look at up to 8 other adjoining areas, to compare their information with that of the authority you are interested in. It provides more flexibility in terms of the future period that you are looking at and also allows you to test alternative assumptions.  If you do consider using alternative assumptions we would strongly advise reading the CCHPR report ‘Choice of Assumptions in Forecasting Housing Requirements’ beforehand.

Again, no expertise in Excel is needed. All you need do is choose a local authority, county and region from drop down lists and the tool does the rest. You are presented graphs and tables that show how the local authority area has changed over the last 20 years and, just as important, what has driven those changes. Then the DCLG's 2008-based households projections are presented showing how the community might change over the next 20 years if past trends were to continue. It isn't suggested that the projections should be used 'as is' in planning for housing, but they are a good starting point. Local authorities may want to consider whether they should make different assumptions about birth and death rates or how many people come to their area from the rest of the country or abroad.

You may want to look at this Powerpoint presentation before you start.  Whilst it provides a quick tour of what "What Households Where?" does it will help you with using “What Homes Where?” as they have a similar format. The PowerPoint is in pdf form. It is best to view it in a 'one page at a time' view, using the 'down' arrow key to move through the slides in your own time. 

Because of the size of the files “What Homes Where?” has been separated into nine regions.  The Excel toolkit for each region can be accessed via the appropriate link below.  The files are quite large and may take a little while to download.

North East area - "What Homes Where?"

North West area - "What Homes Where?"

Yorkshire and Humberside area - "What Homes Where?"

West Midlands area - "What Homes Where?"

East Midlands area - "What Homes Where?"

East area - "What Homes Where?"

London area - "What Homes Where?"

South East area - "What Homes Where?"

South West area - "What Homes Where?"

It should be noted that, while the tool aims to reflect the opinions of the wide range of professional bodies, charities and trade associations involved in the Group, not every detail within it reflects the opinions of all the contributors to this work. It should however reflect the spirit of constructive cooperation and considered analysis/debate.