accessible evidence for planning and housing

Welcome to the website.

The website has been set up by a group of professional bodies, trade associations and charities with an interest in planning for housing. The Group came together in 2011 in response to a call from practitioners for practical support in assessing how many homes were needed in their areas in the context of the new housing and planning landscape.

The aim of the Group is to produce a package of support designed by practitioners for practitioners. 

 Part of this package includes two Excel toolkits.  The first is "What Households Where?". This was published last summer for comment.  Following feedback a more advanced version has been developed called “What Homes Where?”  Both versions are available on the website.  "What Homes Where?" uses the most recent available data and covers the new unitary authorities created in 2009.  For the local authorities that were abolished in 2009 you should refer to "What Households Where?".

These toolkits won’t provide you with housing numbers. What they will do is provide you with a baseline of evidence which, together with your understanding of your local area, should enable you to form your own view of the number and type of homes that should be planned for - or at the very least identify specific aspects where further work is needed.

A Companion Guide has been written which provides some context to assessing the housing needed in local areas.  This should help when looking at the toolkits. The Companion Guide also provides information on the process for looking at ‘housing need’.   It is recommended that you read the Companion Guide before starting to use the Excel Toolkit via the link below.

Companion Guide

The package also includes a report written by the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research on "Choice of Assumptions in Forecasting Housing Requirements".  This can be read via the link below.

Assumptions report

We would welcome practitioner feedback on both the tools and the information provided.  Please send comments to .